1. Marvel's The Avengers
2. Think Like A Man
3. The Hunger Games
4. The Pirates! Band of Misfits
5. The Lucky One
6. The Five-Year Engagement
7. Safe
8. The Raven
9. Chimpanzee
10. The Three Stooges

The Dictator
The Samaritan
What to Expect When You're Expecting
American Animal
Chernobyl Diaries
Men in Black 3

Dark Shadows
Girl in Progress
The Cup
God Bless America
I Wish
The Road
Tonight You're Mine
Marvel's The Avengers

Just My Luck

Category: ComedyAll Genres: ComedyRelease Year: 1957Country: UKRuntime: 86Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: English Director: John Paddy Carstairs Sound: Mono Taglines: Sonny Chiba, ...

Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-FiRelease Year: 1956Country: JapanRuntime: 87Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: Japanese Director: Koji Shima Sound: Mono Taglines: When the moon ...

Thoroughbreds Dont Cry

Category: ComedyAll Genres: Comedy, Drama, MusicalRelease Year: 1937Country: USARuntime: 80Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Alfred E. Green Sound: Mono Taglines: ...

Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 2008Country: IcelandRuntime: Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Júlíus Kemp Sound: Mono Taglines: Hunting humans in ...

Bio Slime

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 2008Country: USARuntime: Rating: 4 (0) Languages: English Director: John Lechago Sound: Mono Taglines: Visiting and Hungry! ...

Grandes manoeuvres, Les

Category: ComedyAll Genres: Comedy, Drama, RomanceRelease Year: 1955Country: France, ItalyRuntime: 106Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: French Director: René Clair Sound: Mono Taglines: ...

The Stranger Wore a Gun

Category: WesternAll Genres: WesternRelease Year: 1953Country: USARuntime: 83Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: André De Toth Sound: Mono Taglines: Did you ...

Namu, the Killer Whale

Category: DramaAll Genres: Drama, Family, AdventureRelease Year: 1966Country: USARuntime: 89Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Laslo Benedek Sound: Mono Taglines: He ...

The Big House

Category: DramaAll Genres: Drama, ThrillerRelease Year: 1930Country: USARuntime: 87Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: George W. Hill Sound: Mono Taglines: Timely! ...

The Son of Monte Cristo

Category: ActionAll Genres: Action, AdventureRelease Year: 1940Country: USARuntime: 102Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Rowland V. Lee Sound: Mono Taglines: Dont ...

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Category: DocumentaryAll Genres: Documentary, MusicRelease Year: 1971Country: USARuntime: 117Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Pierre Adidge Sound: Mono, 70 mm 6-Track ...

Judith of Bethulia

Category: AdventureAll Genres: Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, RomanceRelease Year: 1914Country: USARuntime: 61Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: D.W. Griffith Sound: Silent ...

The Death Kiss

Category: ComedyAll Genres: Comedy, MysteryRelease Year: 1932Country: USARuntime: 71Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Edwin L. Marin Sound: Mono Taglines: Movie ...


Category: WarAll Genres: War, DramaRelease Year: 1950Country: USARuntime: 91Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Lewis Seiler Sound: Mono Taglines: Hell get ...


Category: FantasyAll Genres: Fantasy, ThrillerRelease Year: 2007Country: NetherlandsRuntime: 100Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Roel Reiné Sound: Dolby Digital Taglines: The ...

The Girl on the Bridge

Category: DramaAll Genres: DramaRelease Year: 1951Country: USARuntime: 76Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Hugo Haas Sound: Mono Taglines: Shes Man-Bait and ...

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